Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Andrea Vinkovic getting a new potter started
What did you do last weekend?  On Friday I went to the Hale Cocktail Preview of their Annual Art at Hale show, sold a lot, spent a lot more and had a great time.  On Sunday at Skills West Expo at Perth Convention Centre I helped on the Central Institute of Technology stand for the Ceramics department.  We demonstrated throwing and helped people to have a go on the pottery wheel.  Practically every single person who saw our stand expressed a desire to 'have a go'.  It was staggering!  I chuckled inwardly at the popular perception that pottery classes are dull - HAH!  Clearly Pottery is the new Knitting.  (Tune in darl, knitting had a huge renaissance about ten years ago.)
Holly Courtney giving guidance
The idea was for anyone considering potential areas of study or apprenticeships they might apply for next year after high school to 'Try a Trade'.  Is Ceramics a Trade?  Mmmm the jury is still out on that, and that would take us to the Art Vs Craft discussion,  - I am long over that one.  Rolls eyes, sips wine.
Tomoko giving throwing tips
There were TAFE stands all over the place at Skills West - the one I most wished to visit was right beside ours, they were such friendly and busy people and they were offering massage!  We had a couple of CIT clay staff (Andrea and me) and some top students manning our stand, two wheels and a whole lotta clay.  People were literally lining up to have a go on the wheel, and it was hard to get them off the wheels once they started getting the hang of it.  We were trying to get them 'processed' as quickly as possible as we had a constant queue of people waiting, right up till the very last minute and ended up turning people away so we could pack up and leave on time.  Just look at the photos to see what I mean.  There were quite a few kids, egged on by their Mums, and then, predictably, the Mum's had a go too.  One couple were so keen on the wheel I suggested they buy a wheel and take some classes.  I believe they will!
So this is a call out to say well done to Andrea Vinkovic - the dynamo whose aim is winning people over to take up clay whether by studying or just taking evening classes.  The students who came to help get people skilled up fast on the wheel were Holly, Isis and Tomoko.  They were enthusiastic throwing instructors and all showed potential for being blooming great teachers.  It was utterly relentless and intense.  I bet numbers for our future classes at CIT will be up as a result!  I am confident that some day in about ten years some young potter will tell me that trying the wheel at Skills West sent them in their career direction!  Hey let's shimmy on over to Mud Colony to read more clay related stuff!  
Young Nadia did really well.  

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