Friday, May 21, 2010


A couple of months ago I was contacted by Anita Staaden who was experimenting with laser decals on glass, or rather, between sheets of glass, and fired in a kiln.  As it turned out, we knew some people in common in Perth plus she gave me some great insights on rabbit keeping, as she is also a vet.  Last week Anita got back in touch to keep me posted on how her glass work came out, and WOW, what a complex, well planned, unique work seen at at   Of this piece the gallery says,

Baroquen Strings     by Anita Staaden
What better medium than glass to represent the crystal purity of a violin note!    “Baroquen Strings” represents the rise to popularity and development of the violin during the baroque period.  The arches and curtains in rich velvet colours are symbolic of the architecture and opulence of the time, and the opera houses, chateaux and palaces for which  baroque music was commissioned .  Baroque style was characterized by rich ornamentation. This was evident in music, but also in architecture, furnishings and clothing, hence the  elaborate window mouldings, lace, brocade and  jewels.    “Baroquen Strings” features handwritten manuscripts by  Vivaldi, Corelli and Albinoni, and names  some famous baroque composers who wrote works for the violin.

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