Wednesday, March 22, 2017

“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” - Gena Showalter

I haven't blogged in years, I don't know if I ever will and I reserve the right to do so whenever it suits me.  I've often been surprised by the number of people in Perth who've said they've read my blog.    On the other hand I've copped some snide comments from unexpected quarters about my blogging as if to imply that I'm a bit full of myself to have the temerity to express myself on the THE INTERNET.  I'm reminded of a quote attributed to comedian Billy Connolly regarding 'begrudgers', you may know it.
Life is busy, I make, I teach, I run a family.  Jeez I wish those floors would clean themselves.  What seems to have eclipsed blogging for me when it started feeling like an obligation, was social media, Instagram, Facebook so on.  I love sharing pics of work by my students as they often fail to see their own progress and are hard on themselves. A consequence is that they show the photos to their family and friends and the response is always affirming.  Every week someone comes to class excited about something they've seen on say Pinterest and want to crack the secret of how it was made - what clay, what techniques and what tools they'd need.  So if you are on Facebook or Instagram you may see that someone at Perth Studio Potters classes is laying the foundations of some good clay skills - and if you see a photo of them with their work I hope you will LIKE it.

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