Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Brushing up in Freo

The quiet murmering, well gasping perhaps, among the clay folk here is that it is really, REALLY hard to get much claywork done in this record breaking heat in Australia.  At least for those of us in Perth, we are not sitting on our verandah of an evening watching the smoke and flames of rapid and deadly bushfires on the far horizon.  But make no mistake - we are sweltering.  Normally I pay no heed to the forecast as I cannot do much about it, but now I just want to know when it will END?  Tomorrow will be down from 36 to 26 - worthy of an airpunch YESSSSSS!  Anyhow all this blither and preamble is just to indicate that this is a quiet time and getting little done claywise is quite understandable.

But today I feel I kicked the ennui and fatigue a little bit on the butt, I got some  clay processed at home and got down to my Freo studio to get some work started.  I signed up for six weeks of classes in painting on clay at La Majolica in Fremantle.  Cate Cosi from La Majolica gave a painting demo at POTober last year and we were mesmerised, it just isn't the kind of thing you get to learn unless you seek it out.  Classes are offered for mornings and evenings.  I have always been in awe of the colour and glow of Majolica since I first learnt of it in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) when Beryl Sedgwick taught an A-Level course in Ceramics.  I doubt I will be much good at freehand loose painting onto ware but I want to rise to the challenge.  I guess I had better find my brushes and paints and get some practice in.  I also have Linda Arbuckle's DVD so I will watch that again and see if I can develop some new ideas.  Come to think of it I also have some books by the late but great Matthias Ostermann on the subject.  The time has come!  See Ya!  

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  1. Welcome back Eliane! I am really lokoing forward to hearing about and seeing your photos of progress from your painting on clay at La Majolica classes.

    (The air punch was well justified. Stay cool.)

    Prina :)