Sunday, September 16, 2012

Henry says ...

A useful discussion took place recently on the discussion list for TACA - The Australian Ceramics Association.  It was about wheels and how to tweak, service and generally look after them.  Lucky me I have a husband who steps in and fixes things as they break.  Although I am capable of having a go at such things, well, it makes him feel valued and needed to allow him to fix my wheels when needed.  Why rock the boat?  A response to the initial query about fixing wheels, Venco wheels in particular I think gained a massively useful link here.  Check it out and store it somewhere handy - ain't potters just great?!

Venco wheels are built to last but their grommets and collars get a bit dodgy with prolonged use and these are easy to purchase and replace (well thats what Henry says).

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  1. Hi Elaine

    is there any chance that you would have the Venco maintenance and fixing info that was at as the page is no longer active and there does not seem to be any info online unfortunately?


  2. Trevor I haven't got it, I will see if Hen downloaded and kept the docs. We are lost when a link is removed aren't we.